I’m Cold

I never thought I’d say this, but…I’m cold. I have always been the person that scoffs at people when they complain of cold weather. I have always been the idiot without a coat in 30 degree weather. I have always gone sockless until the very last moment – usually when it snows and my feet get wet. Does this mean I’m officially a Californian? Typically it gets warm during the middle of the afternoon – 11AM – 3PM. It hovers right around 60-70 degrees. I can handle that weather, although I feel like I’ve been stuck in perpetual early summer since October. I feel a bit out of synch.

It’s about 37 degrees outside (at 6AM), and about 64 degrees in our apartment. I want to pile on blankets and step into a steaming cup of hot coffee and then set myself on fire.


Things You Won’t Find in SoCal

Over the last 8 or so weeks I’ve been here, it has come to my attention (usually at 2AM) that there are a few homey comforts not found in this SoCal burb.

Dairy Queen I know! That’s just unAmerican! I discovered that the first weekend here. It was a rough day. I have a theory. In an effort to keep Californians in their metallic teal aerobics spandex, they outlawed all DQ’s and replaced them with Yozen Frogurts and whatnot.

Motorcycle laws I’m sure there are laws regarding motorbikes, just not very many of them. And yes, I do find this to be a “homey comfort”. If you have a 500 pound, 2,000 horsepower engine – feel free to drive 90 MPH down the median on the busiest freeway in the country. When the median is full of other motorcycles, go ahead and drive in between cars. They’ll probably see you.

Thrift stores I’m sure this is a symptom of the burb I’m in, but it seems like thrift stores should be in every town. Everybody loves to be thrifty! Don’t they? The one I did find seemed to be there so that the rich people could drop their junk somewhere. And not their good junk, either. We’re talking their junk-junk. I did find a sweet pair of new leather boots. For $30.

Places open later than 11PM One of my favorite things to do is to go shopping for tinfoil, peanut butter, and wristwatches at 1AM. I haven’t found a single place nearby that can satisfy my particular middle of the night need for weatherstripping. Oh sure, everyone around here has a “normal” schedule and “kids”. What about us reclusive, childless insomniacs with a distinct hankering for corn on the cob and D batteries?

Drive thrus Now I’m starting to sound like a lazy Midwesterner. Wait…

If I’m resorting to Taco Bell for a meal, I expect the entire convenience experience. I’ve already made the decision to forgo any effort in providing sustenance for myself. Why would I exert myself to grab an 89¢ burrito and a pail of Pepsi?

In conclusion, don’t think I’m complaining. I am quite happy here! We have a lovely place and there are mountains, I’m told.

Letting the Dust Settle

As of today, we’ve been here forever six weeks. It’s sorta like an anniversary! The whirlwind of moving 2,000 miles away is finally coming to a close, although I don’t know if I’ll ever feel adjusted. It seems I’ve been “moving” for 5 months. We have finally settled into our suburban apartment, which is nice and cozy (read: small) but still lovely.

I know I’ve been a bad blogger because I haven’t updated in 6 weeks. I’m a noob at the SoCal lifestyle, but apparently we’re “way laid back, bro”.

Fear not, Hoosiernauts. I will be updating this archive of my adventures in the coming days. You know – when I’m not doing Yoga, cooking tofu, or roller skating down the boulevard.

Betty Goes Bye Bye

Did you know you could have a car shipped? Me neither! We said farewell to Black Betty today. She was loaded into a pretty swanky “car truck”. (What do they call trucks for trucks? A “truck truck”? Seems redundant. Or meta. I don’t know.) I can tell you that quite a few nosy neighbors were peeking their heads out to see what this 2-cab semi was doing on our dead-end street. I’m glad we got Betty detailed, because I’d hate for her to be self conscious next to those other, more expensive models.

Check in tomorrow, as we officially take off for sunny California!