I’m Cold

I never thought I’d say this, but…I’m cold. I have always been the person that scoffs at people when they complain of cold weather. I have always been the idiot without a coat in 30 degree weather. I have always gone sockless until the very last moment – usually when it snows and my feet get wet. Does this mean I’m officially a Californian?¬†Typically it gets warm during the middle of the afternoon – 11AM – 3PM. It hovers right around 60-70 degrees. I can handle that weather, although I feel like I’ve been stuck in perpetual early summer since October. I feel a bit out of synch.

It’s about 37 degrees outside (at 6AM), and about 64 degrees in our apartment. I want to pile on blankets and step into a steaming cup of hot coffee and then set myself on fire.


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