A Graphic Tour

What’s with the picture montage at the top of my blog, huh? I whipped that bad boy together for you because I want to show you where I’m from and the places I will be seeing. So, in order from left to right…

1. Santa Monica Mountains – the beautiful range that will surround my new (as yet undefined) home. They also remind me of episodes of M.A.S.H.

2. Hollywood sign – do you need an explanation? Really? I’d like to see this, because I will gladly be a tourist in my new hometown. But I will not take that douchy picture of my husband pretending to hold the sign up with his bare hands.

3. Zuma Beach, Malibu – one of the many waterfront sites I’ll be exploring. There are 75 miles of ocean coastline in the city of Los Angeles alone. I look forward to discovering how much plankton my swimsuit will hold.

4. South Bend, IN skyline – this photo is a view over the St. Joseph River. From there you can see the Chase tower (in desperate need of repair), and the Century Center. I have called this city home for thirty-some years.

5. Farmland – isn’t that what comes to mind when you think “Indiana”? While South Bend is certainly not an agricultural community, it is surrounded by rural areas. These haystacks are a common sight, depending on the season. I might be a Hoosier, but I don’t tip cows or make jewelry from cornhusks. Anymore.

6. Winter! I’m a big geek for winter. Northern Indiana can easily be bombarded with snow from November – March. I absolutely love snow and cold weather. The winters can be brutal, and yet you’ll still find folks walking around without coats in 20 degree weather. I refuse to wear socks until the snow is deep enough to get into my shoes. There are long lines at the Dairy Queen when it heats up to 40 degrees. We’re hardcore like that.


2 thoughts on “A Graphic Tour

  1. I’ma gonna miss you but you better have him hold that sign up!. How else is it gonna stay up? Jeesh. Glad you got there in one piece and i expect pictures and lots of them! love, candy and giggles!

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