First post!

Hi all! I’m Mel, your host and inexperienced future Los Angeleno. I’m embarking on a journey that will take me from the flat verdant plains of northern Indiana to the rolling canyons of southern California, and you get to see the process!

A little back story…
I am a born and bred South Bend Indiana native. Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m a small-town gal. This chick is a street-smart experienced city trekker. I look forward to exploring the sights, sounds, tastes and occasionally the smells of the greater Los Angeles area. All of this sensory input will be processed by yours truly, and regurgitated into a nice little observational piece that I promise won’t be too cynical. Midwestern-style.

3 thoughts on “First post!

  1. I’m glad you’ll be sharing with us!!! We’ve been out there a few times, Tim’s dad lives there. Best of luck to you Melissa!!1 xoxo – heather

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